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Industry News

June 2017


Strathcona BIA wants to make East Hastings the city's most walkable street by 2021


Gastown's beloved Chill Winston is saying goodbye and this summer is your last chance to go



Shane Morck, Principal at Vancouver Restaurant Brokers interview with Global News Vancouver 



Shane Morck, Principal at Vancouver Restaurant Brokers interview with CTVNews Vancouver 


Starbucks extends alcohol sales to Vancouver store


May 2017


How a $15 minimum wage could impact B.C.'s economy



10 unusual dining experiences in British Columbia



Is No. 1 Gaoler's Mews going to transform dining in Vancouver?



More closures in Vancouver's West End: Hub Restaurant Denman, Upper Deck pizzeria, Maple Leaf Bakery



Guinness is vegan now




Chefs Table, Meat Festival, New Brunch Menu, BC Wine Event and More.


April 2017


Announcing Our 2017 Restaurant Awards Winners!


After 12 months of dining out, the results are in! Our judges tell you the dishes, the rooms and the chefs you need to visit this year. 


It’s finally here! Our 2017 Restaurant Awards celebrate the hottest new rooms, the top chefs and most creative menus in the city. Plus, the coveted title of Restaurant of the Year. Hope you’re hungry.




Chefs on the move: Stefan Hartmann, Jonathan Chovancek take on new, noteworthy roles in hot Vancouver restaurants


Chefs change restaurants all the time, but a couple of recent moves stand out.  




75 cheap eats in Metro Vancouver (with map)


An ouchless meal — that is, one that doesn’t hurt when you pay — is part of what makes this city so great. 


Tryouts underway for Restaurant Rumble boxing fundraiser


Annual charity punch-up is now in its sixth year. Fighters raise money to help at-risk youth at Eastside Boxing club.


The Three-Minute Guide to Vancouver's Restaurants and Neighbourhoods


What you need to know for a quick trip. 


B. C. Liberals and Vancouver clash over natual gas restrictions


City says buildings are Vancouver's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions




The 12 Hottest New Restaurants in Vancouver


Find everything from upscale delis to back-alley taco shops in this bustling Canadian City.



Vancouver Restaurant Brokers are glad to announce the sale of Baccano Restaurant on First Avenue and Cypress Street. Baccano was 1,900 sq/ft restaurant with one of the best patios in Kitsilano. VRB were the listing brokers in the sale Baccano and are happy to have worked with Colliers to finalise the deal.


If you have any questions on this transaction, please call 
Shane Morck at 604-396-2074




Vancouver Restaurant Brokers are happy to announce the up and coming Mukja Golmok at 3211 W. Broadway. Mukja will be Jic Kim’s first foray into the restaurant business in Vancouver. After having much success in India, Jic hopes to bring the latest cheese-infused craze from Korea to the Vancouver restaurant scene. Cheeselovers you’re going to want to check them out! Vancouver Restaurant Brokers represented the buyer in this transaction.


For any questions, please contact 
Bruce Lee at 604 761 6638

back and forth


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers are happy to announce the recent tenant representation for Regan Truong. Regan recently completed the renovation at 303 Columbia Street (with over 4,000 sq/ft and a liquor primary license of 180 people) and has opened Back and Forth. This is a concept of ping pong tables, gaming, lounging and bar in the Gastown area. With Regan’s vast knowledge of the food and beverage industry and his previous work experience opening Donnelly locations, we are sure Regan will have much success.


If you have any questions on this transaction, please call 
Shane Morck at 604-396-2074.

March 2017


Bell and Rogers will soon ask sports bars to pay more for the right to broadcast big games, on top of what they pay for their existing television service.  



February 2017


British Columbia’s balanced budget will put nearly $1 billion back in consumer pockets, which gives people more money to spend at restaurants.





After years of resistance, Vancouver's casino scene is getting what promises to be a magnificent makeover. With construction nearing completion, we're getting excited for Parq Vancouver opening this Fall. Featuring five restaurants and three lounges, this will be like nothing else Vancouver has ever seen!



Top Sommeliers at the helm of Cactus Club, Joey and Earls wine programs as chain restaurants continue to up their wine game. Great news for customers.  



 Vancouver Restaurant Brokers is happy to announce the purchase of “Hamilton Street Grill” a restaurant with a 17 year history of serving locals in Yaletown. 


Hamilton Street Grill will be the home for yet another Ernest Gomez (an owner of Vancouver staple, NUBA) restaurant concept. Ernesto is not only bringing to Yaletown a taste of Northern Mexico, but also a chef from the region. These two are looking to mix things up a little in this restaurant hub of Vancouver.


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers represented the Buyer in this transaction. For any questions please contact Shane Morck at 604 396 2074



Vancouver Restaurant Brokers are happy to announce the sale of John Blakely’s restaurant “Bistro Pastis”, a landmark on Kitsilano's West 4th Avenue.


Bistro Pastis Restaurant will be Stefan Langford’s first restaurant, and we believe buying a success story like Bistro Pastis was a great first step. Stefan plans on keeping all of the traditions of its predecessor but with a few small updates of his own. The guests who have patronized Bistro Pastis for the last 17 years, will not be disappointed.  


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers represented both the buyer and the seller in this transaction. For any questions please contact Shane Morck at 604 396 2074.



Vancouver Restaurant Brokers is happy to announce the arrival of JUKE to 182 Keefer Street in Chinatown.


JUKE will be a fully licenced fried chicken and rib joint lead by the talented team of Justin Tisdall (ex-Chambar), Cord Jarvie (Meat & Bread), and Bryan Satterford (Hawksworth). We are sure the creation from this amazing team will be something to remember. 


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers represent the Tenant in this transaction. For any questions please contact Shane Morck at 604 396 2074.

26 July 2016 

Block rebranding aimed at promoting neighbourhood cachet

From Fraserhood to Crosstown to Port Town, new Metro Vancouver neighbourhood identities are generating opportunities and controversy as demographics and business focuses change

Elsie Born and her parents wanted to open their bakery somewhere fun, not too crowded, “where kids could meet grandma for lunch.”




Vancouver Restaurant Brokers are pleased to announce the arrival of THE POKE GUY to the Vancouver food scene in the Downtown core at 420 Richards Street.


Move over sashimi there’s a new fish in town. Angela Quan, who has roots in Hawaii, is ready to bring you this island inspired dish. This Hawaiian staple is set for its moment in the Vancouver sun bringing pre-set creations along with customizable Poke bowls.


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers were proud to have represented the Buyer in this transaction.  If you have any questions please contact Jordan Farnsworth at 604-761-8657 


The team at Vancouver Restaurant Brokers is glad to announce the sale of ROLANDS ON FOURTH in Kitsilano. We were excited to work with the CBRE Limited Urban Retail Team while they represented TURF.


TURF will be a fun space that provids a mix of healthy food & beverage along with a work-out area.

This should be a great addition to the Kitsilano area with its affluent locals, restaurants, and yoga studios.


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers were pleased to represent the Landlord and previous business owner in this transaction. For further questions please call Shane at 604-396-2074 


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers is pleased to announce the purchase of THE MORRISSEY at 1227 Granville Street by Jennings Hospitality & Culture.


This is the sixth pub they have added to their portfolio of pubs in Vancouver - all of which include London Bull (Chinatown), Two Lions (North Shore), Manchester (Broadway), Narrows (North Shore), and Stateside Craft (Commercial Drive). The Morrissey is certainly a great addition to the Jenning's Hospitality & Culture group of pubs. 


Vancouver Restaurant Brokers represented Jennings Hospitality & Culture in this transaction.  

If you have any questions please call Shane Morck at 604.396.2074.

In a massive mahalo to tuna, North America is going poke crazy. (The raw fish salad is pronounced po-kay but the Hawaiians don’t spell it with an acute over the e.)


I’m not just talking  poke as an item on a menu, I’m talking places dedicated to poke. Let’s see, in Vancouver’s there’s Pokeritto on Dunsmuir Street; Poke Time on Robson; Ohana Poke at the Richmond Night Market and Poke Guy is opening soon on Richards Street, as is Pacific Poke in Chinatown. 


At White Rock’s Islands Cafe, which has an emphasis on poke and acai bowls, owner Robb Harding (who spent eight years in Oahu learning to surf and build boards) brings a little more of Hawaii to the beachside city, with Hawaiian coffee, surfboards, surf movies and surfer art for sale.


A cancer survivor, Harding says: “Cancer taught me to go for it. I want people here to have a place to hang, to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a taste of Hawaii. I just feel like this needed to happen.”

20 July 2016 

Part One of this series: 

Soaring Alberni rents squeeze restaurants along Luxury Row

Restaurant owners along Vancouver’s Alberni Street strip fear for their survival as lease rates soar and luxury tenants show that they can pay inflated rents.

Kamei Royale Japanese Restaurant owners were forced to close their decades-old sushi restaurant at the corner of Alberni and Burrard streets earlier this year and move to 1066 Hastings Street.


Kamei’s landlord, the Burrard Group, had approved Tiffany & Co.’s request to expand its jewelry store into what was Kamei’s second-level space.


Read more


March 2016




Liquor policies drive deals

Shane Morck, Principal at Vancouver Restaurant Brokers interview with The Georgia Straight



Policy Announcements

  Province of BC Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council No. 686 Franchises Regulation - 10-03-16

Province of BC Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council No. 686 Franchises Regulation. Franchises Act is brought into force and the attached Franchises Regulation is made effective February 1, 2017.

  Policy Directive 2017-02: Latest Policy Changes

Effective Immediately: Policy changes regarding special events at liquor primary clubs, new signing authority for branch forms, new reporting requirement for societies and public corporations and new manufacturer location criteria.

  Updated Alcohol Sense Materials 2017-01

Updated Alocohol Sense Materials. The mandatory display program requires licensees and liquor retailers to display social responsibility material provided by government, in a prominent location in their establishments. The latest materials, developed in consultation with the both government and industry representatives, have been developed with a focus on promoting moderation.


Addition information on Canada's Low Risk Drinking Guidelines is available on the Alochol Sense website:

  Compliance and Enforcement 2016 19

Compliance and Enforcement policy changes. These policy changes will come into effect on January 23, 2017. Click hereto view the terms and conditions handbooks (these handbooks replace the old licensee terms and conditions guides and will be in effect January 23, 2017)

  Special Event Policy Changes 2016-18

Special Event Permit policy changes.  These policy changes will come into effect on January 23, 2017. Click here to view the terms and conditions handbooks (these handbooks replace the old licensee terms and conditions guides and will be in effect January 23, 2017).

  Policy Directive 2016-17

Manufacturer and Agent policy changes.These policy changes will come into effect on January 23, 2017. Click hereto view the terms and conditions handbooks (these handbooks replace the old licensee terms and conditions guides and will be in effect January 23, 2017).

  Liquor Primary Policy Changes 2016 16

Liquor primary policy changes.
  These policy changes will come into effect on January 23, 2017. Click here to view the terms and conditions handbooks (these handbooks replace the old licensee terms and conditions guides and will be in effect January 23, 2017).

  Food Primary Policy Changes 2016-15

Food primary policy changes.  These policy changes will come into effect on January 23, 2017. Click here to view the terms and conditions handbooks (these handbooks replace the old licensee terms and conditions guides and will be in effect January 23, 2017).

  Policy Directive 2016-14 Handbook Changes

General policy changes.  These policy changes will come into effect on January 23, 2017. Click here to view the terms and conditions handbooks (these handbooks replace the old licensee terms and conditions guides and will be in effect January 23, 2017).

  Online Wine Stores 2016 13

This policy directive clarifies current policy around delivery from licensed establishments and establishes new policy with regard to online sales. 

LRSs, wine stores and manufacturer on-site stores may sell and deliver their products on a website that clearly identifies their store and licence number. LRSs and wine stores may accept special orders and deliver them from their store.

  New Requirements for Relocating LRS 2016 12

Effective September 8, 2016, new policy will come into effect - which requires that applications to re-locate an existing LRS license. Applicants are now required to provide valid interest in the form of a certificate of title or a fully executed lease as well as evidence that rezoning is underway (or already in place) in their proposed location before Approval in Principle is granted. 

  Coming Ban on Once-Through-Cooling Systems

OTC cooling systemsThe City of Vancouver will likely approve a new bylaw in October banning OTC cooling systems for walk-in refrigeration and HVAC units of 5 ton or greater capacity.


Owners and landlords are recommended to inspect leased and rented restaurant, bar and food preparation spaces in advance of the new bylaw's passage.


Areas of concern when inspecting tenant spaces are walk-in coolers, and under-counter bar fridges that have a pipe leaving the unit being either connected into sanitary or concealed in a drain.


It is unlikely you will find this sort of cooling system for fan coils or heat pumps in your buildings, unless there is a small office that is a far distance away from the chilled water distribution in a building.


If you find this sort of system, please advise your tenants that in 2017, they will need to replace their fridge or cooler with an air cooled system and to plan for it accordingly.

Metro Vancouver OTC Case Study Report

  Heads Up : NFPA 96 Venting and Hooding

hooding and venting NFPA 96 Vancouver The existing 2007 requirement for NFPA 96 standard compliant hooding, venting for restaurant and food vendors in Vancouver may be subject to more rigorous enforcement by the city this year and onward.


NFPA 96 provides preventive and operative fire safety requirements intended to reduce the potential fire hazard of both public and private commercial cooking operations.

Provisions cover hoods, grease removal devices, exhaust duct systems, fans, fire suppression systems, and clearance to combustibles.


Some operations in the city have not previously complied with this requirement, and will have to upgrade hooding, fire suppression systems and make up air.

  Relaxing Requirements for Liquor Primary and Food Primary applications

 outdoor patio As of September 8 2016, Liquor Primary and Food Primary applications will be accepted for operators with no indoor seating, but who have only outdoor patio seating for patrons. The Department of red-tape reduction has substantially relaxed the licence application requirements - proving a significant improvement for food and beverage operations and business. However, app such applications must be attached to buildings with a foundation, plumbing and drainage, and the relaxed application requirements do not imply that operators can establish food and liquor serving patios not directly adjoined to a building with these requirements. 


"The patio(s) must adjoin a permanent structure that is affixed to a foundation, plumbed and wired which is associated with the licence, in which the licensee has valid interest. The patio perimeter must be suitably defined and bounded in order to control patron entry and exit.  For more detail, see Liquor Control and Licensing Branch POLICY DIRECTIVE No: 16 - 11

  Providing samples in a socially responsible manner

Licensee retail stores and wine stores are now permitted to sell samples when conducting their own consumer tastings. They may also have a maximum of two manufacturers or agents providing free samples in their store at one time. Sample sizes are increased to ½ standard drink (75ml wine, 175 ml beer, 20 ml spirits) in total per person per day, divided as the licensee chooses

  Confiscation of ID cards, minimum prices for off-premise sales, use of restraints by doorpersons

Effective immediately, the terms and conditions guides have been updated to clarify the ID checking requirements and to remove the suggestion that licensees should confiscate any patron’s identification.



  Licensee not to give or accept gifts for promoting liquor

Licensees must not accept discounts on products, nor enter into paid or unpaid marketing program agreements to sell the liquor of a particular supplier. Licensees must carry and make available to consumers a representative selection of brands of liquor products from a variety of suppliers that are not associated with or connected with each other. Licensees must not sell shelf space or provide preferential shelf space locations to certain suppliers.

  Permit hobby brewers and vintners to host competition events, allowing samples by judges and the public.

New Policy Amendments to the definition of “private special occasion licence” and section 15 of the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation now permit hobby brewers and vintners to obtain an SOL to hold a competition to showcase and judge beer, wine and cider that they have made. Liquor entered into the competition can be made in a residence or in an establishment licensed under 12.1 of the Act (a “Ferment on Premises or UBrew/UVin licensee).

  Extend the hours that patrons can receive liquor through room service

Amendments to section 48 of the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation now permits liquor to be delivered to hotel guests by room service 24 hours a day (subject to local bylaws/zoning) as long as food is available for room service delivery (packaged snacks and convenience food do not satisfy this requirement).


The licensee delivering the room service must be located in the building that offers overnight accommodation (or on the resort property in the case of a resort) and may only deliver to registered guests in their rooms.

  Extended Patio-Hours Pilot Program

Vancouver is continuing its extended patio-hours pilot program, which lets participating businesses operate their patios until 1 a.m. Historically, patios had to be closed by 11 p.m., but with the pilot’s success over the past two years, the option for select patios to stay open later may become permanent this summer. 

Your restaurant could serve patio customers until 1am daily if it has:

  • Insurance up to date
  • Fees paid in full
  • No patio noise complaints on file for the past 12 months
  • For establishments with a liquor licence, no restrictions on your liquor licence preventing extended hours

Visit City of Vancouver for application and details. 

  Independent Wine Stores Relocation to Grocery Stores: Policy Directive 16-05

Section 14.1 of the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation has been amended to require independent wine stores to apply to LCLB no later than 4:30pm on August 19, 2016 if they wish to relocate to grocery stores to sell only 100% BC wine on grocery store shelves. The full Policy Directive 16-05 is attached here for further details. 

  New Minimum Liquor Pricing: Policy Directive 16-04

The Liquor Control and Licencing Branch has released Policy Directive 16-04 Minimum Liquor Pricing in Liquor Stores which will also include Wine Stores and Manufacturer on-site stores. The LCLB has release a table of minimal pricing for retail sales.


This Directive will take effect May 1st


The Directive is attached above for you to download.

  Grocery stores bid on new Special Wine Store License: Policy Directives 16-02 and 16-03

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch of British Columbia has released Policy Directive 16-02. Bill 22 and regulations are now in force which is the Special Wine Store License Auction Act (Bill 22), and Policy Directive 16-03 stating changes to the BCVQA store.


LCLB is holding a series of auctions starting in April and selling a total of 18 Special wine store licenses, to be sold to Grocery store owners in BC.


Both Directives are linked above for you to look at.  Here, you will also find a copy of the “Special Wine Store License Auction & Licence Application Process Information for Interested Parties” and the “Special Wine Store Licence Auction Regulation”

  Dine Out Vancouver is here!

For it's 14th consecutive year Dine Out Vancouver brings us a massive array of food events. A record number of 288 participating restaurants will be offering prix fixe menus at one of three price points, $20, $30, and $40.  Reservation are recommended!  Get out there and discover some great Vancouver eateries for Dine Out Vancouver from January 15 to 31.  We are always happy for another excuse to go visit some of the restaurant businesses we are priviledged to have been a part of.  


Click here for a comprehensive list of participating restaurants. 

  No More Redlined Areas for Food Primary Operations

The Liquor Control and Licensing Branch of the BC Government released on November 23, 2015 a directive for all Food Primary operators in BC.  They are relaxing all Lounge Endorsements and relaxing other restriction including naming requirements.  All redlined areas of a bar in a Food Primary operation will now cease to be separated from the restaurant seats and will all be included as one.  Minors no longer need to be accompanied by an adult to enter this previously redlined section of a restaurant; signage for the lounge area no longer need to be displayed; and the bar and restaurant will no longer be divided as two different areas for the patrons.

  Government employing minors to catch out liquor license operators.

On September 8th the Liquor Control and licensing Branch of British Columbia released a press release stating that it has new tactics in catching those liquor store operators selling to minors.


Sounds a little like entrapment to me. But here’s how the Article goes. 


They are claiming to have stepped up their game from sending in one minor (employed by the Liquor Control and Licensing Brach) whom would go in by themselves and try to purchase alcohol. Too now sending in a team (all employed by the LCLB) which can be one minor and two adults, however they like really. In this case it may be the adult of the minor who orders the alcohol (this one could be tricky).


With only a 28% non-compliance rate, and most of the sales to minors happening in Food Primary or Liquor Primary establishments, they are getting more than one in four of you. Be careful.

  Liquor Sales in Grocery Stores

The BC Government has finally committed the date that Liquor Sales are permitted in Grocery Stores. In the November 19th press release the BC government has named April 1st 2015 as the date that Liquor sales can begin to happen within grocery stores. It is also the same day that the “Five Kilometer Rule” is removed, which allows you to purchase an existing liquor store and move it more than Five Kilometers from where it is currently located. Also a new wholesale pricing model for wine and spirits will take effect, and all liquor stores including Government Stores will be buying their product from the same distributer eliminating any perception of unfair pricing advantage for Government Liquor Stores. 

  New York Restaurant pulls a security tape from ten years ago, and it’s interesting to see how their habits have changed.

Here is just an interesting little article I read the other day. It is a simple story of a New York restaurant that was getting a number of bad reviews for slow service. The restaurant had been a staple in New York for many years, so this was a little surprising to the owners. So upon investigation, have a look at what they found. Read the article here  

  Store-within-a-Store Liquor Purchase

The B.C. Government has expanded on their March 6th outline for the store-within-a-store model for selling alcohol under the same roof you buy your child’s breakfast cereal.


Some of the additions to the March 6th plan are that store must be selling 75% food, not be a general merchandise store (No liquor sales for you, Walmart) no convenience stores and they must be over 10,000 sq/ft. The one kilometer rule will be maintained and expanding to include BC Liquor Stores. This rule doesn’t allow another Liquor Store to be opened with-in one kilometer of a pre-existing store. Basically guys… this allows two current grocery stores in Vancouver to bring in another license, otherwise they need to purchase one with-in their one kilometer radius. Those stores that can open with a new license, are both “Choices” one of which is on West 16th and the other is on West 57th. The moratorium on Liquor Stores that was put in place in 2012 will be staying in place until 2022. Although the Government is exploring a second model which may give out a limited number of licences which will allow the sale of BC wine on designated shelves with-in some stores.


We still don’t expect this to roll out until the spring of 2015, so I am sure we will see a lot of tweaking from the B.C. Government between now and then.